Professional Speaking

Allen would to speak to all open and receptive audiences!

Speaker Programs

The Centered Life: Many people aspire to live a fulfilled life, which always seems to be out of reach, resulting from seeking the wrong sources. Until there is an awareness and oneness with who God created you to be, true satisfaction in life is non-existent. Every audience member will leave equipped with the tools to find balance from the inside out, and not the outside in.

The Power of Purpose: The beginning of the rest of your life is the day you discover what your unique purpose is. Purpose will rearrange your life positively in every area, while positioning you to impact this world in the manner that was bestowed upon you before creation. Allen S. Wilson walks every audience member to the doorstep of understanding their purpose.

Decreasing Stressors: Life is filled with ingrained challenges, of which no human being is exempt from facing. When you naturally play your part in solving life’s challenges, you posture yourself to not be overwhelmed. When you understand the guiding force of all, God is bigger than any of life’s setbacks; your posture will be that of peace, and not of the all-too-common stance of stress. Allen S. Wilson will show each audience member how to react to life’s challenges in the healthiest and most powerful way.

Book Signings/Book Readings

Allen S. Wilson is open to all receptive venues and audiences to sign copies and read passages of his new book, The Manufacturer’s Manual.

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